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Terrified of travelling alone for a year...Starting Feb 2013

I want to start in Thailand & go where I want to afterwards :)


I need to travel, but the friend I was supposed to be going with is now not too sure that she wants to come. The thought of going on my own is terrifying. I know people say that you meet so many people there, and I am a really social person, but it is still really scary.

Is anyone else planning on getting to Thailand around this time, or will already be there? Or anyone who has done this and has any tips? The one thing I worry about it getting off of the plane in Thailand & thinking ..... WTF do I do now?? Where do I go?? lol!

I need to get out of this country & anyone who can give me a massive kick up the backside to do it... I will be very grateful!

Michaela :) xxxx

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